A downloadable Roleplay

A blaseball roleplay made on roblox; uses many free models that are modified off of the roblox asset catalog. images taken from the roblox asset catalog as well; credits below.

In this roleplay the teams are setup so you can roleplay the final moments of season 10; re-enact the final crabs vs shoe thieves match, and the two ensuing matches against the gods. Or roleplay out new scenarios. What if the crabs lost to the dale during season 10 and then dale had to fight the peanut and won? What if Jersey Jolphins Real.

Questions and answers:

1. Can i hit the blaseball with the blaseball bat A: No the bat is just a sword that does no damage

2. Why does the blaseball always shoot at homeplate and not where im aiming: A: because its using a slingshot script written by Roblox more than a decade ago.

3. Why does the Miami Dale and Jersey Jolphins get jerseys but the other teams don't A: becuase i only felt like making jerseys for those teams

4. Wheres the rest of the teams A: I didn't put them in

5. Do i have to make a roblox account to play this A: Yes

--list of free model used

--name changer by CovertCode

--orignal nametag script by TacticalMemer

--modded baseball bat using baseball bat from rufus14 and sword script from roblox

--mannequin model from AllOutWar76

--peanut decal uploaded by alx_RB

--bird decal from player1092002

--coffee decal uploaded by tionkok

--microphone decal uploaded by IonIcons

--baseball model modified from roccowildominate

Install instructions

https://www.roblox.com/games/6088956915/Blaseball-Roblox ; make an account at https://www.roblox.com and download the roblox client to play; works on the roblox mobile client too i guess


Play it here


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